Our Renewable Energy Solutions

At Cainmani, we are dedicated to shaping a sustainable future by harnessing the power of renewable energy. Our commitment to clean energy solutions extends across a spectrum of services, all designed to drive positive change and energy independence. We bring expertise, innovation, and reliability to every project. We work closely with private customers, industries, and communities to provide tailored energy services that make a difference.

Our Services

We provide customised solutions for our customers.

Utility Scale Development

At Cainmani, we approach each project with a clean slate, from concept to shovel-ready or to Commercial Operation Date (COD) at Utility Scale. Our multi-technology approach allows us to select the best-fit technology for each site, harnessing the natural resource and market potential.

Behind the Meter Development

Leveraging our expertise in utility-scale project development, we offer tailored solutions to our private customers, empowering them to maximise grid independence.

Owner’s Engineering

We provide comprehensive Owner’s Engineering services, including EPC tender facilitation, construction preparation support, technical construction assistance, and ongoing project monitoring. Our team ensures the successful execution of renewable energy projects on behalf of our clients throughout the construction phase.

Behind the Meter Sectors

Through diverse renewable technologies, we offer optimal energy solutions to our customers, prioritising reliability, cost-efficiency, and production. Our approach mitigates risks associated with energy prices, grid failures, and intermittent supply. We specialise in delivering energy services to:


Understanding the unique demands of remote areas and unreliable grid supplies, we provide affordable and reliable energy solutions.

Data Centres

In situations where energy costs significantly impact your operations, we reduce expenses while transitioning energy consumption to eco-friendly alternatives.

Water Treatment Facilities

We advocate for sustainability in a water-scarce world by converting wastewater into a valuable natural resource.

Natural Resources

Our services harness abundant natural resources to generate clean energy:


We identify prime wind locations to maximise energy production.


Our focus on water as a dependable energy source centers around run-of-the-river and storage projects.


We efficiently convert solar energy into electricity, delivering cost-effective and renewable energy to our customers.

Storage Solutions

Our storage solutions enhance energy reliability and efficiency:

Project Phases

We manage projects through various phases, ensuring a comprehensive approach to renewable energy:


Greenfield (GF)

We initiate projects from scratch, seeking optimal locations and technology solutions.


Ready to Build (RTB)

In the Ready to Build phase, technical project development is complete, and all necessary permits and licenses are obtained.


Commercial Operation Date (COD)

This phase marks the project’s readiness for full-scale operation.



Projects have a minimum duration of 20 years, with operating periods varying by technology.



We prioritise land restoration to its original state, emphasising recycling as a critical element.

If you're ready to explore the possibilities of renewable energy or have questions about our services, contact us.