Privacy Policy

Your data will be processed by Cainmani Resources, S.L. (B72990377) domiciled at Calle San Telmo, 67, Madrid (Spain) in order to resolve your query, and will not be retained once resolved. The data will not be transferred to any other company. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, suppression and opposition by writing to the above address or via email to

Cainmani Resources undertakes to comply with the principles relating to personal data protection and to ensure that the authorised staff and third parties perform the foregoing in order to guarantee the protection of the personal data of the Data subjects.

1. Principle of Lawfulness

Cainmani Resources undertakes that the Personal data shall be collected and processed lawfully pursuant to the requirements established in compliance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.

2. Consent

Cainmani Resources undertakes that the Personal data will be processed only when the prior consent of the Data subject has been obtained, with the exceptions specified in the applicable legislation.

3. Information

Cainmani Resources undertakes to comply with the principle of information and therefore undertakes to implement and provide the data protection notices that prove necessary for each of the purposes for which the Personal data are processed.

4. Quality

Cainmani Resources undertakes to apply and develop the procedures and mechanisms necessary for ensuring that the Personal data contained in its databases and/or Processing systems are accurate, complete, pertinent, correct and updated for the purposes for which they were collected and to ensure that these procedures and mechanisms are complied with.

5. Purpose

Cainmani Resources undertakes to limit the Processing of Personal data to compliance with the purposes specified in the corresponding data protection clause, which shall be explicit, legitimate and determined.

6. Loyalty

Cainmani Resources undertakes to process the Personal data favouring the protection of the interests of the data subject and the reasonable expectation of privacy for which it undertakes not to make use of deceitful or fraudulent means for collecting and processing Personal data.

7. Proportionality

Cainmani Resources undertakes to ensure that the Personal data Processing carried out shall be solely that which proves necessary, adequate and relevant in relation to the purposes specified in each case.

8. Responsibility

Cainmani Resources undertakes to safeguard and take responsibility for the Processing of Personal data under its custody or in its possession, or for those communicated to a processor, with the objective of being held accountable to the data subject regarding the Processing of their Personal data.

9. Rights of the Data Subjects

Cainmani Resources undertakes to inform the Data subjects of how they can access or correct their data, as well as of how they can request the erasure or limitation of the Processing when the data are collected or through the information available on the Intranet or on the corporate website.

10. Confidentiality

Cainmani Resources undertakes to comply with the duty of confidentiality with regards to the Personal data under its custody, for which purpose it undertakes the following:

– Cainmani Resources will expressly regulate confidentiality with each of its employees and/or members of staff who have access to Personal data.

– Cainmani Resources undertakes to guarantee that each of its employees understands, recognises and accepts their obligations with regards to the confidentiality of the information to which they have access and that they will undertake the following:

  1. All Cainmani Resources employees must maintain the confidentiality of the information entrusted to them and will only use this information for the authorised purposes.
  2. All Cainmani Resources staff undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of the information and any type of communication of personal information to unauthorised third parties is therefore prohibited.

– Cainmani Resources will implement the necessary corrective mechanisms against their staff in the event of any breach of the duty of confidentiality by their internal and/or external staff.

– Cainmani Resources accepts that under no circumstances will they use the Personal data communicated to them inappropriately.

11. Security

Cainmani Resources undertakes to protect the Personal data against unauthorised access, illegal Processing or communication and the loss, modification or destruction thereof. This obligation extends to both the Processing of the data by electronic means and by printed means. Prior to the introduction of new Data processing procedures, especially new IT systems, suitable technical and administrative measures will be defined and implemented for the protection of Personal data.

Cainmani Resources undertakes to adopt the physical, technical and administrative measures necessary for the protection of the Personal data pursuant to the legislation in force.

12. Communication of Personal data

Cainmani Resources undertakes that all communication of Personal data (access to and/or transfer of data) will be regulated through a suitable legal instrument which will include a data protection clause authorised by Cainmani Resources in which the obligations of the parties relating to protection of Personal data will be identified; in particular, in each case the following will be observed:

Any communications of Personal data must be necessary and required in accordance with the purposes of the Processing.